Cryogenically stored liquefied gases pose a similar yet different set of hazards and risks to that of compressed gases. Our training package clearly identifies these with specific training given on the properties unique to liquefied and cryogenic gases. Safety is paramount to handling these products and we offer full training in the difficulties posed by handling liquefied gases in dewers or low pressure cryogenic vessels. The course will enable the participants to have a full understanding or the hazards and risks ensuring they maintain safe working conditions.

Typical course content:-

  • Regulator checks and connecting regulators,
  • Safe use of cryogenic systems and associated equipment.
  • Indentifying a confined space and how to conduct a risk assessment
  • Manual handling of liquefied gases
  • Risk assessments associated with liquified gases.
  • Oxidising and Inert liquefied gases.
  • Pipeline systems and Written Scheme of Examination


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